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 CUI BONO Retreat- 10th Anniversary Reflections

Or, Fear and Trembling at Concordia University

Or, Either/Or: CUI BONO and the Sickness Unto Death

Or, The Ghost of CUI BONO Past: How it All Went Right (and How I Lost My Mind and Tried to Find it Again)- D. van Voorhis, PhD

***The Forgotten Question Mark


Ask questions… but it can be dangerous (questions are pretext for progress)


“I see it all perfectly; there are two possible situations — one can either do this or that. My honest opinion and my friendly advice is this: do it or do not do it — you will regret both.” - Kierkegaard

The most dangerous question: What will I regret?

The question haunted me: 20 back in College 22 Married 23 PhD cand. 25 Professor 28 Dr, full-time 30 Dept. Chair and Father 31 Life change/abstinence 35 Professional overdrive 37 ViW 38 Wandering a Dallas Target and into the psych ward 40 end of ViW, new column and podcast

***A Simul with the Future

“The most painful state of being is remembering the future, particularly the one you’ll never have.” - Kierkegaard

“Don’t let go for a better grip”- advice over dinner from Steve Brown

The present self vs. the future self

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.” - Kierkegaard

“The man with the clear head is the man who frees himself from those fantastic ideas and looks life in the face, realizes that everything in it is problematic, and feels himself lost. And this is the simple truth – that to live is to feel oneself lost – he who accepts it has already begun to find himself, to be on firm ground. Instinctively, as do the shipwrecked, he will look round for something to which to cling, and that tragic, ruthless glance, absolutely sincere, because it is a question of his salvation, will cause him to bring order into the chaos of his life. These are the only genuine ideas; the ideas of the shipwrecked. All the rest is rhetoric, posturing farce. He who does not really feel himself lost, is without remission; that is to say, he never finds himself, never comes up against his own reality”- Kierkegaard

Read and listen broadly

Don’t struggle (‘consider the lilies’, ‘the peace that passeth’, ‘the Tao’, moderation)

Make stuff

Know your first attempts will suck

Do it together

EGBOK  (Eph1:10/Rom8:18/1Cor15:22)                          (John10:16/Matt10:39/Luke12:27) (Gen 22:18/Is61:1/Jer33:6)